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Man (60s) dies in farming accident in Cork

The accident occurred last night and involved a tractor.

The hard graft of horticulture makes it difficult for the sector to grow

The Keelings workers controversy has thrown a spotlight on a complex corner of Irish food production.

Five-year-old boy dies after falling from farm trailer in Roscommon

GardaΓ­ say that the tragic accident took place yesterday afternoon.

McDonald's closure 'big blow' to Irish beef sector, says IFA

It was announced yesterday evening that McDonald’s will be closed from today.

Q&A: Here's where Ireland's political parties stand on agriculture ahead of GE2020

We asked each party what measures they’d take to resolve the beef dispute and support Bord na MΓ³na workers at risk of losing their jobs.

Man fatally injured in accident on Cork farm

The death is being treated as a tragic accident.

No more farmers protests 'in the near future' after criticism from restaurants and commuters

David Long said that there were no more Dublin tractor protests planned β€œfor the near future”.

Construction deaths more than doubled last year with falls from heights being the leading cause

Overall, 46 people died in workplace accidents in 2019 and agriculture remains the most dangerous sector in which to work.

Droimeann cattle officially recognised as native rare Irish breed

There are currently 243 breeding females and 23 breeding males in Ireland.

Taoiseach 'sympathises' with farmers as blockade of major Aldi distribution centre continues

Members of the Irish Farmers’ Association are staging a protest outside an Aldi distribution centre.

Injunctions against two farmers over beef protests to be struck out

The company has requested for the injunctions to be lifted.

Reducing cow herd β€˜last resort’ in tackling carbon emissions, says Varadkar

The Taoiseach said the way emissions are categorised will have to be changed.

Ireland's potato crop is at risk because of bad weather conditions

The Irish Farmers’ Association has warned that much of the crop might not get harvested this year.

'I am deeply concerned': Varadkar calls for an end to protests and blockades over beef dispute

The dispute has seen unofficial pickets by farmers at processing facilities around the country in recent weeks.

Farmers in west, mid-west and midlands 'set to be worst hit by Brexit'

70% of Irish farms are heavily reliant on direct payments, a new analysis has found.

Around 40 knackeries close down temporarily as losses mount

β€œThe sustainability of knackeries is in question,” a Louth TD said.

Meat processing industry says operations at 12 plants brought to a halt by blockades

The owners of a number of plants have secured injunctions to stop protesters blockading their factories.

'They're telling us the herd needs to be reduced by 50%': Ireland's farmers and the climate crisis

Beef farmers in Ireland are facing low prices and pressure to reduce emissions – Is the model broken?

Saoirse McHugh: The time is right for an agricultural revolution in Ireland

Intensive agriculture has damaged the planet. But we can change that.