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Expelling Russian Diplomats While Staying Silent On Israeli War Crimes

By People Before Profit

A few days ago, Leo Varadkar said that Ireland did not have the resources to definitely claim that Russia was responsible for the nerve gas attack in Salisbury, Britain.

 Yet within a few hours of listening, to Theresa May at an EU summit he changed his mind and said Ireland would be expelling Russian diplomats.

The U turn has nothing to do with actual evidence – it is a political move to demonstrate solidarity in a dangerous new cold war between Europe and Russia.

People Before Profit hold no brief for Putin and his authoritarian rule. We have joined in protests at his embassy in Dublin over his terror campaign in Syria. We have denounced the use of Russian planes to bomb civilian areas and back up the dictator, Assad.

But none of this means that we should support the fake war games being played by the British Tory Party.

The Tory party has received €3 million in donations from Russian oligarchs living in London since 2010. Foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, even played tennis with the wife of one of Putin’s ex-Ministers in return for a £160,000 donation to the Tory party.

Yet despite this massive financial support, it is trying to undermine the rise of the Jeremy Corbyn by running Cold War stories about his supposed covert support for Russia.

These internal manoeuvres have spilled over to the European stage and in a bizarre move, the EU has suddenly come out in support of Theresa May. Once again, this has little to do with hard evidence about Russia’s role in the nerve gas attack. It is instead designed to send a signal that even when Brexit occurs, Western ‘security’ co-operation remains intact.

Whatever the ultimate truth about the attack, Britain has not produced enough evidence. Under Article 9 of the Chemical Weapons Convention, countries are required to ‘make every effort to clarify and resolve, through exchange of information… any matter which may cause doubt about compliance with this Convention.’

Yet despite this, Britain has refused to exchange the materials used in the attack with Russia. Instead it has claimed that Novichok could only have been made in Russia.

There are problems with this argument.

In 2017 the Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, congratulated Russia for the full destruction of the 39,967 metric tons of chemical weapons possessed by the Russian Federation.

Of course, Russia can still maintain secret stockpiles – but so too can other countries.

 The former Irish Times Correspondent, Seamus Martin, has pointed out that the main production plant for Novichok was in Uzbekistan. a  country which is now a member of NATO.

Quantities of the gas may also have been sold on an international black market.

The central issue, however, is that the Irish government is joining a new EU Cold War against Russia – for reasons that have nothing to do with abhorrence of violence of dictators.

The same British regime that condemns Russia is actively selling 48 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia to murder people in its cruel war in Yemen.

And while Varadkar moves quickly to expel Russian diplomats, he stays silent about the fate of Israeli embassy, which is actively supporting war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Instead of playing Cold War games, we need an independent for foreign policy based on opposing all imperialist adventures, whether they come from Brussels or Russia.

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Reconciliation and reaching out the priority in building agreed Ireland – O’Neill

Speaking at today’s historic United Ireland Conference in London, Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Michelle O’Neill MLA said that reconciliation and reaching out the hand to unionism must be the priority in building a new and agreed Ireland.
  • March 24th 2018 at 14:32

Future United Ireland will be built on diversity and equality - Carthy

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said that the United Ireland that emerges in the future may not be the one traditionally envisaged and will have to accommodate unionist and British identity. He said a United Ireland must be built on diversity and an equal society for every citizen regardless of creed, colour or sexual orientation. The…
  • March 24th 2018 at 14:25

Victims and families have been denied truth and justice for too long - Dillon

Speaking on International Day for the Right to Truth Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has called for the British government to immediately to release money for legacy inquests and implement the legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House.
  • March 24th 2018 at 13:27

John Rawling, Laura Bassett, Greg Brady, Eddie Kadi

By BBC Radio 5 live
Broadcaster and commentator John Rawling, England and Canberra United footballer Laura Bassett, Canadian sports broadcaster Greg Brady & comedian Eddie Kadi join Colin Murray for an hour of sporting punditry. Points are awarded for informed comment, wit and passion, but taken away for drivel and answers lacking in conviction. In the final round, the top two points scorers go head-to-head in 'Defend the Indefensible' where they must both defend a statement however ludicrous or distasteful for twenty seconds. Download the podcast -


  • March 24th 2018 at 12:30

Groove On The Wireless 217

By Dr. Groove

With the first sight of Spring sunshine, Dr. Groove likes to get out into the yard and record the show  for the listeners.  Sorry about the lateness in this getting to you – but it should prove worth the wait….


Dr Groove pictured putting together this show


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freedom fry hi fi 18: winternational soundweave

By freedom fry hi-fi

Originally posted 2013-01-27 22:00:36.

freedom fry 18

set of quadrilles- neil.a.duddy

the sun-alice coltrane

scene 4, a soul tormented by contemporary music finds a humaninzing alchemy- harry partch

chinyangjo-an ki-ok

hog bot song chunt- thai musicians

canto funeral de la comparsa carabali izuama- unknown

tonado adios chinitica – unknown

sufur- rufus harley

raga for sitar- national raga company of india

tu giruze- lithuanian womens ensemble

lalat:”ghatan lagi rain”- kesarbai kerkar

o’ dol dok- korean musicians

cambodge sacre (excerpt) recorded by maurice bitter in cambodia


DJ error no.1, Maurice bitter voodoo recordings made in haiti not cuba. #braincrash.


Progressive voices must defend the Good Friday Agreement – Adams

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams is in London today addressinga conference: ‘After Brexit – the Prospects for a United Ireland’. Teachta Adams said: “Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the GoodFriday Agreement remains under grave threat. The Tory government intendsto end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice; to withdraw from theEU Charter…
  • March 24th 2018 at 13:45

Shadow Assembly represents retreat from power sharing - McDonald

Speaking today in London, Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD said;
  • March 24th 2018 at 13:37

Challenges of Brexit and Tory/DUP pact must be met – McDonald tells UI conference

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD said today there was a need to build an open and inclusive debate on Irish unity and to meet that the challenges presented by the Tory /DUP pact and Brexit.
  • March 24th 2018 at 13:06


By BBC Radio 5 live
Danny Baker presents as world champion football freestyler Liv Cooke stars in today's Sausage Sandwich Game. Listeners share stories on Danny's unique menu of subjects. Text 85058 (charged at your standard message rate). Email


  • March 24th 2018 at 11:10

Sinn Féin to table Sentencing Guidelines Amendment to Judicial Council Bill – Ó Laoghaire

Sinn Féin have submitted amendments to the Judicial CouncilBill to ensure that prison sentences are proportionate to the crime committedby putting in place a Sentencing Information and Guidelines Council. The amendments, which have been drafted by Sinn Féin JusticeSpokesperson Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD, would put in place a system, whereby theCommittee would develop and circulate…
  • March 24th 2018 at 10:09

Good news for Educate Together schools but accommodation issues remain

By ciaraboyle

Ronan Moore, the Social Democrats’ general election candidate for Meath West, has welcomed the Department of Education’s announcement last night that it will reverse a decision to cap enrolments on five Educate Together schools in Trim, Tuam, New Ross, Tramore and Castlebar.

The Department had earlier this year instructed these five schools to cap intake of Junior Infants at half-stream – 13 pupils for the next school year, instead of the standard full-stream intake of 26.

Mr Moore said:

“I am pleased the strong outcry against the decision from parents, school staff, boards of management and the patron body Educate Together, has resulted in this unfair and discriminatory decision being reversed.

“However, serious questions about the future of these schools remain. The Department has said that the schools can now grow to full-stream, but within the ‘constraints of the accommodation that can be made available’.

“All five schools are currently housed in temporary accommodation with the promise to move into permanent buildings as part of the divestment process, but none of these are close to being ready.

“For example, in my home town of Trim, Co Meath, the Department is still expecting the Educate Together to relocate to a disused primary school building which has been lying vacant for many years, which can only accommodate four classrooms and has no green area whatsoever.

“What is more, there have been objections to the school’s relocation due to a lack of parking capacity and excessive traffic.  How can Trim Educate Together become a full-stream school if this is the only accommodation offered?

“I am calling on the Department to invest in a new purpose-built school for the Educate Together in Trim so that the school can grow to at least full-stream and our children are educated in an appropriate, modern day, safe environment.”


24 March 2018

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Europe and South America

By BBC Radio 5 live
Tim Vickery and Paul Sarahs join Dotun to talk football in Europe and South America.


  • March 24th 2018 at 04:27

059: How To Heal From Adrenal Fatigue The Holistic Way

By Sahara Rose
Do you feel tired throughout the day then bursting with energy at night? Are you noticing you're gaining weight right around your mid-section? Then chances are, you have adrenal fatigue. In this episode I discuss: -What adrenal fatigue is -How you know you have it -How can you heal it holistically I have also teamed up with Youveda to offer 35% discount for their "Mood" blend, which realy helped heal my adrenal fatigue over the past few months. You can order it on with coupon code "sahara" in all lower-case. Comment your experience healing adrenal fatigue on the Mind-Body Balancers FB Group: Follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration: @iamsahararose Take my Dosha quiz at See full podcast transcriptions at Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor


  • March 24th 2018 at 00:36

England's best performance for a long time - Mills

By BBC Radio 5 live
Pundit Danny Mills says England's display against the Netherlands was "their best performance for a long time." Jesse Lingard's second half goal saw England win 1-0 in Amsterdam, their first victory over the Dutch since 1996. Darren Fletcher presents reaction to that victory, and to Scotland's 1-0 defeat against Costa Rica in Alex McLeish's first game back in charge.


  • March 23rd 2018 at 22:45

Three Chord Classical – 2. Codas

By Hubert Rooney

Originally posted 2013-01-27 09:00:41.


Codas – Jan 13

This month, the art of the CODA – those short final twists at the end of long movements.


  • 1. Beethoven – Piano Concerto 3, move I
  • 2. Beethoven – Violin Concerto, move III
  • 3. Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto, move I
  • 4. Chopin – Piano Concerto 1, move I
  • 5. Chopin – Piano Concerto 1, move III
  • 6. Liszt – Piano Sonata
  • 7. Faure – Requiem, move I
  • 8. Berlioz – Requiem, move I
  • 9. Berlioz – Requiem, move X
  • 10. Shostakovich – Symphony 13, move IV
  • 11. Bruckner – Symphony 9, move I
  • 12. Richard Strauss – Metamorphosen


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‘No Adam, you’re not seeing my passport photo you idiot’

By BBC Radio 5 live
Oh no! The gang are stuck in a cupboard at yet another EU summit. Warning: This podcast features Abba.


  • March 23rd 2018 at 19:46

This Stack of 7 Inches Totally Rocks

By This Show Rocks

A few weeks ago I realised I couldn’t find any of my records because they were just thrown into IKEA shelving willy nilly.  So I pulled everything out and put it all back in alphabetical order.  The reason this is important to you- the listener- is that this week’s show is literally a handful of 7 inches from the D, E and F sections of the collection.  Tune in for:

The Damned

The Damned


Dry Heaves


The Fag Enablerz

Fireballs of Freedom

Electric Eel Shock

Faith No More

The Fallouts



Flux of Pink Indians



Don Caballero

The Dickies

Dead Kennedys

The Dangerfields


Daemien Frost

The Dancing French Liberals

Things got a bit jostled around so the show isn’t in strictly alphabetical order and a few records skip (but that’s spilling beer on vinyl for ya!), but every tune is a banger.



Avant Reguard Presents – Little Lord Ponzenbys Daddy Blows his Brains in. Long Live Stentoor, Goddess of the Sublime

By Avant Reguard

Originally posted 2013-01-26 23:00:42.















show 11 – avant reguard little lord ponzonbys daddy trouble bubble


Featuring the films of john smith/aldo tambellini/ken jacobs/sydney lumet/

peter tscherkassky/william klein/haskell wexler/bruce connor/helen littleboy


mixing the music of Big Black/Neu/juliana barwick/negativland/Black To Comm